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Explore Google APIs and SDKs, including documentation, sample code, and support resources.Image result for How to Add YouTube Subscribe Button on your Blog
First you need to visit the YouTube subscribe button page on Google Developer's website. Scroll down to 'Configure a button' section. Simply enter your channel's name and choose a layout, theme, and subscriber count option. You will be able to see a live preview of how your button will look
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One of the easiest way to grow your social media follower is by placing the subscription option on your blog. If you have a decent traffic blog, subscribe buttons for different social networking sites, will make it easier for your readers to follow you. Earlier I have covered about Facebook fan box and Google plus follow button, and today I will be talking about Youtube subscribe button for your Youtube channel.Meet all New Youtube Channel Subscription button:

Youtube released new buttons for channel subscription, and surprisingly this time they also rolled out subscription button for paid channels too. This new Youtube channel subscription button can be grabbed from official page over here, and it comes with few customization option. The best part about new Youtube subscribe button is, your readers can directly subscribe to your Youtube page, without leaving your blog. Provided, they are logged into their Google account.How to Add a Subscribe Button to Your Youtube Videos:
Login to your Youtube channel.
Select the Video Manager tab.
Click Channel Settings from the sidebar and choose InVideo Programming from the drop down menu.
Select the Add a Watermark option.
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