Difference between lawyer and Advocate

Lawyer and advocate are known as synonyms of each other, but there are some differences between these two. Lawyers can be of many types like; Attorney, Advocate, and Solicitor. All of these are Specialists in different fields of law.

Let's talk first about the lawyer : The lawyer is called the person who is still studying law / LLB. This person does not have permission to fight a case in the court because registration can not be done without advocating for full studies.

Who is the Advocate?

Advocate, usually called a lawyer only. This is the person who has completed studying law and is practicing as a lawyer of a court, that is, an advocate is a person whose student life has ended.

Let's now know the difference between these two people

A lawyer is a person who has received law and education. The term Loire is a very popular word, whereas advocate is a special type of lawyer who can stand in court to favor his client.

The word advocate is not used in the USA, where they are called lawyers only. However, the word advocate is used primarily in the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth countries.

The advocate's job is to represent the client in the court, to keep the client's side and the lawyer is working, to provide legal advice, to file a public interest petition in any case.

And their role can also change according to the "type" of the lawyer.

An advocate may be a lawyer, but an advocate can not be an advocate. Advocate is a step forward step by lawyer. The extent of the work of an Advocate is greater than the lawyer.

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